Events at Our Center are Fun and Informative!

 Please Note - Classes are held on the 2nd floor. 

Rekindling the Hearth with Michele Love - Sunday, November 21, 1:00 pm,  $40 includes supplies

Connect with the Spirit of Your Home! Sign up here

Join Michele for an interactive playshop as she instructs you on how to awaken and connect with the embodied spirit of your home; your true sanctuary and place of respite. We will discuss the two altars already within your home (that you may not even be aware of!), and how to create ancestral and community altars within your sacred space.  Michele will also lead you through mixing your own magically charged herbal intention products to boost the energy to keep those home fires burnin

Meet and Greet Spirit 2nd Wednesday Each Month with Deborah DeRusha (begins in Sept) at 6:30pm. $30

 Sign up with Deborah Here This class explores different meditations and tools to connect to Spirit  At end of class we share messages to each other.

A time to have a better understanding of Spirit wiith open discussion of the many ways that Spirit communicates with us. We will do exercises to connect deeper to Spirit and then at the end of class we will do readings for each other.

Connecting to the Universe 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30, $30 with Deborah DeRusha - 

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There are many ways to connect to our Universe and by understanding the energy around us we can manifest our desires. A variety of classes incorporating Shaman (Nature based) tools, Numerology, Energy work and much more.

  • Oct 27 -Finding our Inner Deities
  • Dec 22  -Winter Solstice learning to be still and listen
  • Jan 26 - Creating a Manifest Board
  • Feb 23 - Pendulum work
  • March 23 - Numerology
  • April 27 - Totem Animals
  • May 25 - Rights of Passage awakening authentic self
  • June 22 - Walking the Medicine Wheel

Usui Reiki Classes at Healing Inspirations

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 Karuna Reiki® I Class January 29 at 1:00, Fee is $150 - You must be Level III for at least 6 months to take this class. 

Karuna Reiki® is a technique that enhances the Reiki Energy and was discovered by William Lee Rand and his team at The International Center for Reiki Training ( You can read more about it here;. 

Email Betsy to sign up,

Usui Reiki Classes with Betsy Sams and Michele Love

To sign up email Betsy at

* Reiki III/Master - 2 part class - Saturday Oct 23 and Sunday October 31 both at 1:00 ($300 Full fee due at time of first class) 

* Reiki I - November 20 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki II - December 18 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki I - April 30 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki II - May 28 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki III/Master - 2 part class - Sunday June 19 and Sat June 25 at 1:00 

($300 Full fee due at time of first class) 

* Reiki I - September 24 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki II - October 22 at 1:00, Fee is $150

* Reiki III - Jan 2023

 To sign up email Betsy at



Usui Reiki Classes with Debbie DeRusha and Sharon Quinn

Reiki II -  Oct 16 @ 2:00 fee is $150.00

Reiki III/Master Teacher - Nov 6 and Nov 13 @ 4:30, Fee is $300  (These will be 2 part classes and full fee is due at time of first class)

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 Wonder and Power of Chakras- Join Sharon and Debbie for an all day workshop of exploration, discussion, meditation and creativity. 

Feb 26 - 10 am to 4 pm - cost $150

Discover the WONDER and POWER of YOUR Chakras
This is a class of exploring all 7 Chakras and learning the Power of each individual Chakra then how to balance them with each other.
 A valuable exploration of your inner self.  This workshop will enlighten your insight and understanding of the influences of your chakra energy in  all aspects of your life

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Mantra Workshop - March 26 1pm to 4 pm $50

Mantra, an ancient Hinduism and Buddhism sacred utterance (syllable, word, or verse) that  possess mystical or spiritual efficacy.

Learn the history of using Mantras and feel the power of using your own personal Mantra to help you manifest positive change in your life.  

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 Monthly Psychic Medium Message Circle with Deborah DeRusha and Sharon Quinn

A Message Circle is a gathering of open minded people who wish to connect to spirit. Each person is given a message and also the opportunity to listen and understand how spirit works. 

The fee is $30, sign up is needed just click the link. Sign up for message circle. 

Private Message Circles are also available, contact Deborah DeRusha or Sharon