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Healing Inspirations Healing Center, 215 First St.and 101 Lake Dr. (next door)

At 215 First St we offer a gift shop.

Our store is a comforting place to visit where you can find items with healing intention like crystals, stones, incense and candles, essential oils and CBD products.

Store Open - Monday - Friday 10am to 5:30pm - Sat/Sun 10 to 2:30pm

Healing Inspirations Sanctuary at 101 Lake Dr.

At 101 Lake Dr we offer 2 large classrooms and healing sessions. Healing sessions and readings are held in the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is right behind the main building and has a parking lot that can be used for both locations and the building is handicap accessible.

Check out the CLASS and EVENTS pages to sign up for some uplifting group classes and sessions.

Practitioners and Teachers at Healing Inspirations

All practitioners at Healing Inspirations have their own business and you can book with them directly.

These amazing healers offer a wide variety of modalities yet all have common goals of offering opportunities for growth in mind, body and spirit.

Check out the BOOK pages to set up a session.

The Sanctuary at Healing Inspirations

We now have the whole corner of First St and Lake Dr. The Sanctuary has large classrooms where all our events and classes are held. The space is at 101 Lake Dr., we have a parking lot and the building is handicap accessible.

Our Gift Shop is Stocked with Positive Intention!

Jewelry, Stones, Card Decks, Sage, Incense, Candles, Essential Oils, CBD Products, Books and More!


Essential Oils and Sprays

Essential oils are extracts from flowers, herbs or tree parts (like bark, roots, petals etc.) The fragrance of the plant is the “essence” When the essence is extracted from a plant it becomes an essential oil. The specific process of extracting the essence preserves the chemistry of the plant.

Aromatherapy is the use of inhaling the oil to help relax the mind body and spirit. More and more studies are being done on the effects of aroma on the limbic system. 

 To use essential oils you can simply open the container and breath them in or use a diffuser to disperse the essence into the room. Essential oils are strong so Always use cautions around children and pregnant woman. 

Sprays by Michele Love

Michele has created sprays using essential oils and healing energy. Many sprays have the intention to help us connect to the Archangels but her most popular spray is SPACE CLEARING SPRAY. This can be used in place of smudging to clear a space of negative energy and pull in positive energy.

Always a friendly face!