Essential Oils by New Directions

I've been wanting to write about essential oils for a while now. Over time I've developed what I would describe as a relationship with essential oils. There are some wonderful brands out there and some not so great brands. For Healing Inspirations the first brand I've carried is from a company called New Directions. The reason I chose them is that they offer many types of organic oils and are reasonably priced. If I add any brands I will use the same criteria. 

If you are new to using essential oils my advice would be to start learning about one type at a time and also have a good book on essential oils for reference. 

Next is to remember how strong essential oils can be and read up on cautions before using. When we put oils on the skin they get into the blood stream quickly. 

Not only do we have to be cautious with oils on the skin but in diffusers. For example I LOVE diffusing eucalyptus for my sinus but I would not do this around small children and would also be careful around pets. 

My personal favorites are lavender, frankincense, oregano and eucalyptus. I've also used a few others to make my own face cream.