Healing Haven Room Sessions

Welcome! Take a break!!! Spend 45 minutes in The Healing Haven Room. It is a space we have designed to offer relaxation and positive energy. The fee is $40 and there are limited times available each day. Click here to book (You can pay when you arrive for your session)

(Session is for 1 person, not to be shared)

You can relax and chill out while surrounded by;

  • Plants (oxygen)
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps (healthy ions)
  • Stones and Crystals (positive energy)
  • Soft music playing (soothing and calming energy)
  • Aromatherapy (incense or diffused essential oils)

No Precautions for just relaxing but let us know if you prefer not to have aroma or have allergies to fragrance.

 Included in the price  you can also 

 Place your feet on the grounding mat (Earthing, known to dissipate excess electrical energy)

Lie down and relax on the HealthyLine Far Infrared Mat

  • Natural Jade and Tourmaline - HealthyLine is FDA Registered USA Company
  • Manufactured By: HealthyLine NYC
  • Experience temporary relief from your aches and pains in as little as 30 mins
  • Far infrared rays are intended to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain
  • Hot stone therapy temporarily increases your local blood circulation
  • Negative Ions beneficial for improving your lung function for more efficient breathing
  • Low EMFs (electromagnetic Frequency) HealthyLine manufactures their mats with technology to ground and shield from EMFs. 

*** Precautions; Consult your physician before using the HealthyLine Far Infrared Mat if you have a serious health condition, high blood pressure or are pregnant.

*** And Remember; Healing lore information and our services are for entertainment and personal growth purposes only. It is never to be construed as prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. See your doctor or other health care practitioner for all ailments, disease and injury.


After using the HealthyLine Far Infrared Mat drink lots of water.